Neil Poulton

Planning Your Year

  Planning Your Year Happy New Year Everyone! Hope you enjoyed yourself and are ready to get back to some quality training. Whatever your goal, you will always benefit from having some structure to your training. Having structure requires a bit of planning. Given the time of year, it’s pretty common to have new goals, …

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5 Awesome Podcasts

5 Favourite Podcasts Winter is here and for a lot of us that means a bit more time on the turbo. I use the turbo most of the year anyway as it’s often the only way to fit in the training. But it can be boring! I personally got bored listening to music on the …

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summit Cycle Coaching

DIY Aero Testing

DIY Aero Testing On a bike, aerodynamics counts for a lot, in time trialling it counts for just about everything. The awareness of its importance has increased massively over the last few years. In the past being told something is more aero or copying the position or equipment of the fastest riders was about as …

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