I’ve Moved to Switzerland!

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“Cycling in Switzerland is a joy! The air is fresh, the views are amazing, the roads are smooth, there are no gel wrappers, old tubes, etc on the side of the road and the terrain is ideal!”

Cycling in Switzerland

Pretty big news!! The move came about quite suddenly, with an opportunity for our family to move to Switzerland. We jumped at the chance as it’s an adventure we were really keen to take advantage of.

Though any move is stressful (we moved in July) things are finally settling down a bit now. My bikes. finally arrived from the UK last week and I’ve finally managed to get out for a few rides.

FIrst Ride

The first ride was more eventful than you’d hope for! About 20. minutes in my seat clamp decided to give up, forcing me to return home, standing all the way!!

Summit Cycle Coaching

Summit Cycle Coaching

Determined not to give. up, I got. my TT bike out…sensibly swapped off the 60 tooth 1x chainring!! Headed out the door with what turned out to be 1 gear (34×23) in the small chainring and a handful of gears in the big ring…all fun and games

gearsSummit Cycle Coaching

As you would expect in Switzerland the scenery is spectacular!! 

Also, there is no shortage of hills for what was a serious ‘Over Geared Effort’ session today!! But I was out on my bike and very happy!!

Summit Cycle Coaching

I’ve also managed a couple of rides on the mountain bike with the boys this week. There are incredible trails through the forest right on our doorstep!

Back to Training

Having missed more training in the last month than I have in the last few years, I’m not exactly in peak condition…but the base is there and I’ll get it all back.

There’s so much awesome cycling on my doorstep in the Jura Mountains and within reach are the Rhone-Alps across the lake, climbs like the Col de Madelaine about 2 hours away and the Stelvio about 4-5 hours away…I’m really going to enjoy a couple of epic rides!!

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