Base Builder 5 x wk


This plan is for getting the engine building; with a little bit of intensity sprinkled in just to keep the high end ticking over. The core of this 10 week progressive programme will increase your aerobic fitness and prepare you for the more intense build and racing training that will follow.

key features

  • 10 Weeks of Training
  • 5 sessions per week (other plans with more/less sessions are available)
  • 6-8 hours of training each week
  • Weekly progression of structured workouts
  • All workouts described and detailed in easy to follow format

your download includes

  • Instructions to get you started
  • Fully planned schedule of workouts and rest days

Also inlcudes:

  • Weekly Prescription plan, where you decided which days to do the sessions

Sample Week

In your download there are two plans:

You can use a the fully prescribed plan with all workouts and rest days planned out:

summit Cycle Coaching


You can choose to have a weekly prescription and you can fill in the days you do each session:

summit Cycle Coaching

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