Heat Training Block – First 3 Sessions

Heat Training Block

First 3 Training Sessions

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This is an image from the Core website, it’s a great resource for information and I recommend it highly. Here they suggest a 2-4 week heat training block, then 2-3 x a week for maintenance.

Heat Training Block

There are lots of protocols that have been tried and tested and the consensus I’m getting from what I’ve read and the podcasts I’ve listened to, is that a block of training to kick things off is required. This is followed by a maintenance phase of 2 heat training sessions a week which is enough stimulus to keep the gains you’ve made.

I’ve seen a wide range of suggestions for the length of the initial heat block, ranging from as short as 6 days, up to 4 weeks. Personally, I’m planning 10-14 day block to start me off…but actually, I’m willing to learn as I go a bit…so we’ll see.

It’s ironic I’m doing this heat training block and outside it’s heavy snow!

However, the basement works great as when I start it’s around 24 degrees and after about 20 mins it’s up to about 26.



Summit Cycle Coaching

Summit Cycle Coaching

Heat Session 1

Hard Session into Heat Training

Since I had to do a 12 min Mean-Max Test today I thought it was a great way to start the heat training. I’d warm-up, using the fans and complete the test. A 12 minute all out test will increase core temp a fair bit even with the fans on. I would then maintain the raised core temperature for a 30 minute, post effort trundle.

I have to say it’s not much fun! I struggled a bit during the 12 min test and the watts in the 30 minute trundle were extremely low!! I know this isn’t a problem, but it’s still a bit crazy to see the Watts so low (around 130 Watts) while your heart is pounding away in your chest.

However, the goal is nothing to do with the watts at this point, the goal is to gradually increase the amount of time you can spend in the heat training zone. While the HR and Watts aren’t a direct interest/outcome at this point, there should be an increase in comfort at the heat training zone and I’m assuming that will show the watts come up and the HR go down…but we’ll see.

Heat Session 2

190 Watts until Core Temp = 38 into Heat Training

This was my first attempt to do a stand alone heat training session. I wasn’t 100% sure how it would go. My plan based on the heat ramp test was to just build up to 190-200 watts over the first 5-10 minutes and then maintain it until I get over 38 degrees. Then ease off to maintain temperature around 38.3-38.4 degrees.

I did the session with no fans and with a thin long sleeve undershirt on. Turns out it takes about 30 minutes to get my core temp up over 38 degrees. Once my core temperature reached 38 degrees I dropped the power knowing that the core temp would continue to rise until it got to around 38.3 degrees and then stayed around there until I finished after the 45 minutes in the heat training zone.

This time power was a little higher, which I put down to not having to do 12 mins all out first! For the 45 mins I did 157 Watts at a HR of 148 bpm.

Heat Session 3

Same Plan As Yesterday

Today was the same set-up as yesterday, I wore the same sort of top, no fans and it took about 28 minutes to get up over 38 degrees. Still feels fairly uncomfortable, but perhaps a little less of a shock to the system today.

I did try a little experiment with putting a fan on low during the session once I was up to temperature. I’d heard/read a few people using this strategy during sessions. However, as you can see my temperature was dropping in the middle of the session and so I switched the fan back off.

My plan in this session was to keep my heart rate a little lower if possible – 139 Watts and 141 bpm




I know it’s early days, but as far as I can tell there’s no real change in performance as yet, but we’re not even half way so not really surprising. Though I have to say that I am more comfortable now with the fans off, so thats a good start.

I’m going to experiment with a few difference strategies in the next couple of sessions, so lets see how it goes.

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